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Welcome to the ImageworX Artwork webshop: the only shop where you can buy high quality reproductions of my work. In this webshop you will find a special selection of handcrafted images available as "Giclee" Fine-Art Print. My work is not mass produced: each and every image is carefully selected and crafted and each print is processed by hand and made with the greatest craftsmanship by the best and specialized printlabs in Europe and the United States.

FineArt museum-quality WWII Prints

Due to their style and authentic looks my WWII inspired images are only available as Giclee fine-art prints to ensure the highest quality. More information about fine-art printing can be found here. Most of the images can be ordered: you can use the "Personal  WWII Image" option to order the image of your choise. You can pick most of the images in my WWII Collection on the ImageworX portfolio site. All images are photographed and all captured in present time. 


September Odyssey 2019 Wall Panel on Dibond


NOW AVAILABLE: "September Odyssey 2019: In the tracks of the 2nd Armored Division" as a massive Wall panel. A 75 cm x 38 cm Dibond panel with this exceptional high resolution image of all the men who participated during this extra ordinary event. ORDER HERE




Your personal ImageworX Print. NEW: now also as photo print!

Almost every image shown on my Portfolio Website can be ordered as a Photo (NEW!) or Giclee Fine-Art print. You can pick your image among the hundreds of WWII inspired images and order your own print. This gives you the chance to enjoy that one personal image of you or that event in the best possible and personal way.  Please alow an additional 2 extra days for processing and preparing: each image is unique. 
How to order?
To order a personal custom ImageworX print follow these basic simple steps:

Custom Image Print

Your custom Print by ImageworX Print: A custom-made reproduction of your personal image by…
€ 24,95

What is "Giclee Fine-Art"?

There are many ways of reproducing images on paper. In most cases it is a massproduction or a budget photoprint. Not my work. All of my work is printed as fine-art and for obvious reasons: it's the highest quality of printing available. But, what is "giclee fine-art"? 
Read all about it here.




Why are giclées so much more expensive than "normal" photoprints?

The technology used to create these prints is very expensive and the output is painfully slow - most giclées are produced one or two at a time. Furthermore, true giclées like those you see here are printed on top-quality, acid-free, archival grade papers for durability and improved appearance. The inks used are state-of-the-art for accurate color rendition & lightfastness (the ability to better resist fading).

The print you order will be checked and handled by hand and produced after ordering: no mass production.


WWII Portrait shoot


ImageworX offers customized professional portrait- and groupshoots! The images will be carefuly crafted and edited to achieve an authentic look and feel. Contact me for more information.

September Odyssey 2019 Group, Dibond 75 x 38cm "September Odyssey 2019: In the tracks of the 2nd Armored…
€ 49,50

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